A book that explains the real meaning of wealth

About the Book

“The most important personal finance book since The Wealthy Barber.”

Tom Deans, Ph.D., author of Every Family’s Business

Zen and the Art of Wealth is a book about how to live … in the world of everyday practical financial practicalities, and the world of expanded awareness … of who and what we really are … This book is a wonderful guide.”

Oriah Mountain Dreamer, author of The Invitation

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Warren MacKenzie has written a simple yet profound story of Dave, a businessman on the verge of bankruptcy, and Alex, an investment advisor with a philosophy of life that allows him to enjoy life regardless of the challenges that come his way. As the two friends tackle a building project together one weekend, Alex explores with Dave how he can achieve:

  • Personal happiness through the philosophy of Zen, which teaches the process of examining false personal ideas and assumptions and rejecting the ones that are false
  • Financial security by examining false investing ideas, eliminating those that don’t work, and focusing on a smaller number of common sense ideas that always work over time.

Through this entertaining and informative story, MacKenzie helps readers to balance their life skills and financial skills. He covers the topics of:

  • Being clear on your most important goals
  • Having a financial plan that shows what must be done to achieve your goals
  • Building an investment portfolio that is goals-based
  • Addressing all the risks (including the risk that you fail to achieve your goals)
  • being well-diversified
  • Focusing more on the investment process than on investment products
  • Not trying to “beat the market”
  • Using ETFs, robo-advisors, and professional investment managers
  • Insisting on proper benchmark performance reporting
  • Having a detailed Investment Policy Statement
  • Rebalancing one’s portfolio in a disciplined manner
  • Paying attention to fees and income tax and keeping it simple

Includes 50 things do-it-yourself investors should consider and 21 ways to reduce investment management fees.

About the author


Warren MacKenzie studied religion, philosophy and psychology at university. After a career in teaching, he became a Chartered Professional Accountant. Eventually he left public accounting to work as a financial advisor with a major brokerage firm, where he earned the Certified Financial Planner and Certified Investment Management Analyst designations. He is the author of The Unbiased Advisor and co-author of New Rules of Retirement and The C.A.R.P. Financial Planning Guide. MacKenzie is a regular contributor to the Financial Facelift column in The Globe and Mail.


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