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Zen and the Art of Wealth is a book about how to live with a foot in two worlds: the world of everyday financial practicalities, and the world of expanded awareness of and inquiry into who and what we really are. The conversation between Warren MacKenzie's characters guides us in facing life's inevitable challenges with Continue Reading

Oriah House Author of The Invitation

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As the prospect of living longer than any previous generation is re-shaping our collective view of retirement, the need for financial planning has never been more urgent. Zen and the Art of Wealth offers a profoundly new and inspiring approach to connecting financial security with intrinsic happiness. The most important personal finance book since, The Continue Reading

Tom Deans Ph.D. Author of Every Family's Business and Willing Wisdom

Testimonial 03

Warren MacKenzie – Zen and the Art of Wealth. In Zen and the Art of Wealth, veteran financial planner Warren MacKenzie dishes up homespun wisdom about planning and investing during a weekend his character Alex spends with an old friend, Dave, who’s business is failing, plunging him into despair. Mr. MacKenzie is among the more popular contributors to the Globe and Mail’s Financial Facelift because he encourages people to enjoy their lives rather than becoming slaves to their financial goals. Continue Reading

Dianne Maley Financial Facelift Editor – Globe and Mail

Testimonial 04

Just another book written by a financial professional? Absolutely not! While there is plenty of sage financial advice, the in depth analysis and discussion of Zen philosophy and the inter-relationship between money and happiness makes this book a must-read for anyone looking to improve their financial security and level of happiness. Well done Warren!

David Trahair Financial Trainer, National Bestselling Author and CPA Magazine Columnist

Testimonial 05

In his new book, Zen and the Art of Wealth, Warren MacKenzie presents us with a unique approach to achieving happiness and financial well-being. This is an enjoyable and thought- provoking read that may have the reader questioning their level of self- knowledge. In addition to intriguing us about Zen philosophy as a foundation for Continue Reading

Judith Murchison Marketing Strategist, Writer, Innovator

Testimonial 06

For anyone seeking help on managing his or her money, Zen and the Art of Wealth is a must read. This book guides the reader on how to approach wealth management through a conversation that takes place between two old friends and is written very much in plain English. Through his story-telling, Warren teaches us Continue Reading

Geneviève Lavallée CFA, Wealth Manager and Financial Literacy Educator.

Testimonial 07

Oh no, not another Wealthy Barber financial “story” was my first impression of Warren MacKenzie’s Zen and the Art of Wealth. But he breaks new ground in the genre by being the first to address both God and Mammon. Where else will you find a Zen primer that also talks about robo-advisers and a fiduciary Continue Reading

Jonathan Chevreau Founder of the Financial Independence Hub and Co-author of Victory Lap Retirement

Testimonial 08

We are our own worst enemies when it comes to managing money. In this intriguing and refreshing book, Warren MacKenzie uses Zen principles to prod us to examine our own investing assumptions and discover the internal traps that can sabotage our portfolios and our prosperity. The wisdom that emerges can help anyone to achieve a Continue Reading

Ian McGugan Senior Editor Globe and Mail Report on Business

Testimonial 09

I like books that make me think and serve as a reminder as to what I need to focus on in order to live a happier, less stressed life. "Slow down, get centered and stay in the present." This book accomplishes that in spades!

Mike Drak Co Author ‘Victory Lap Retirement