Testimonial 11

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Most personal finance books place financial issues—discussions of portfolio construction, tax planning, understanding capital markets, and more—in the foreground. Zen and the Art of Wealth is a different kind of book, because it locates financial matters in the background while bringing much deeper questions to the surface. Where do our ideas about financial success come from? How can we recover from financial setbacks? Do our ideas about financial success help us or hinder us in being happy and at peace in life?

Told through the story of two old friends spending a weekend together, Zen and the Art of Wealth carefully walks the reader through a series of conversations about how to benefit from the teachings of Zen Buddhism in our everyday approaches to life, including our financial lives.

Warm, well-written and engaging, this book has much to offer the reader who is seeking new insights into how to approach all elements of their finances. It closes with further information for those who want to put the financial teachings of the text into practice in their own lives, along with a bibliography for readers who are seeking more information about finance, Zen, or both. Recommended for readers at any stage of the financial lifecycle

CFP and co-author of Pensionize Your Nest Egg: How to Use Product Allocation to Create a Guaranteed Income for Life (2010, 2015).