Testimonial 14

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A person’s happiness can be broad, or deep, or both, or neither. Broadness measures how multifaceted a form of happiness is. Financial success often creates quite broad happiness: it delivers a vast array of desirable objects, situations, relationships, and experiences. But does financial success deliver the broadest happiness possible? To investigate that, we have to look deep. Depth measures how “non-obvious” a form of happiness is. It’s obvious to anyone that getting the situations and sensations they want will (often) bring them happiness. But it’s not at all obvious that there’s a way to be happy independent of situations and sensations. And it’s even less obvious that in its fully mature form, achieving happiness independent of situations and sensations empowers a person to more effectively take control of situations and sensations. Optimal happiness is both deep and broad. Warren’s book will point you in the right direction.

Author of The Science of Enlightenment