Testimonial 10

Warren MacKenzie makes keen observations on the true meaning of wealth through his colourful tale of a struggling entrepreneur who joins his friend and mentor on a weekend retreat. The entrepreneur comes to realize that while money management and financial planning are important, wealth is ultimately a state of mind.

Rudy Luukko Editor, Investment and Personal Finance, Morningstar Canada

Testimonial 11

Most personal finance books place financial issues—discussions of portfolio construction, tax planning, understanding capital markets, and more—in the foreground. Zen and the Art of Wealth is a different kind of book, because it locates financial matters in the background while bringing much deeper questions to the surface. Where do our ideas about financial success come Continue Reading

Alexandra Macqueen CFP and co-author of Pensionize Your Nest Egg: How to Use Product Allocation to Create a Guaranteed Income for Life (2010, 2015).

Testimonial 12

Zen and the Art of Wealth is the story of two friends, Dave and Alex, who share an engaging conversation while building a drystone wall. It blends basic financial concepts with the Zen philosophy of enlightenment, or self-knowledge. This book will inspire readers to tune out all background "noise" and drill down to a common Continue Reading

Marie Engen Finance Blogger at Boomerandecho.com

Testimonial 13

Warren MacKenzie is one of the most knowledgeable and principled financial advisors I have met. The insights in his new book should benefit every investor.

Gordon Pape Author of Retirement's Harsh New Realities

Testimonial 14

A person's happiness can be broad, or deep, or both, or neither. Broadness measures how multifaceted a form of happiness is. Financial success often creates quite broad happiness: it delivers a vast array of desirable objects, situations, relationships, and experiences. But does financial success deliver the broadest happiness possible? To investigate that, we have to Continue Reading

Shinzen Young Author of The Science of Enlightenment

Testimonial 15

Warren has written an easy-reading book that makes personal finance very approachable and very personal, in an almost spiritual way-think The Wealthy Barber goes to the next stage. I'd highly recommend it for regular investors and people that find finances tough to get their heads around.

Pat Bolland Former host on Business News Network (BNN)